Infranomic Infrared Heating

Our prices starting at £580 for standard Heater with fixings, installation cost subject to property technical survey. 

Infranomic infrared electric heating is a new, cost effective and visually pleasing way to heat your home or workplace – while saving up to 50% on bills.

Unique, stylish, reliable, natural, efficient and cost-saving – most homes or businesses look for their heating systems to deliver on at least one of these features.


Infranomic infrared electric heating offers the combined benefits of all these qualities.

Forget about inefficient storage heaters or a reliance on costly oil and gas radiators … Infranomic heating can help reduce your energy bills by up to 50% and you don’t have to worry about any future maintenance costs.

With soaring energy bills a constant worry for any household or business, it is not hard to see how Infranomic heating is THE heating system of the future: and the future is now.

Save money now

Up to 50% Reduced energy consumption

Savings are based upon 3 bedroom semi-detached properties with standard levels of insulation. The savings graphs have been produced from an independently managed field trial study carried out by St Andrews Environmental Network.



Why Infranomic is better

Infranomic infrared electric heating means an end to ineffective heating that has blighted homes and businesses for decades.

Infranomic heating will keep your home or business warm and comfortable all year round – while saving you money and looking great too.

It has been acknowledged that the best way to keep your heating bills down is to use less energy.

Infranomic heating allows you to reduce energy consumption – yet still gain from a system that gives better, healthier and more natural heating.

The sleek, slim heating panels can be wall or ceiling mounted, but better still can be finished in a range of frames, designs and colours to match existing interiors.

Uniquely, the panels can be also disguised as mirrors, works of arts or favourite family pictures.

The panels – fitted with intelligent wireless controls – can be installed into any type of property, and are suitable for all rooms including kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms (an added bonus of using mirror panels is that they never mist up).

The panels have been designed to be highly affordable and can be purchased individually, meaning they can be installed on a room-by-room if a house/business is being redecorated or prices for a whole house system start from as little as £3000 fully installed.

Combine with Solar PV for double the benefit

By combining Infranomic infrared electric heating with SOLAR PV PANELS, you can enjoy a complete solution to your energy efficiency needs.

Infranomic heating complements any PV system by using the electricity generated to heat your space efficiently and offers a far faster and higher return on your investment.

Solar World LogoAverage annual running costs of a three-bedroom house with a typical 2kW PV system combined with Infranomic are just £593.

However, at Direct Savings we partner with respected Solar PV manufactures to offer the best in class Eternity Solar Panels. And when Infranomic heating is combined with our standard 4kW system,  the average annual costs of heating a three-bedroom home are slashed to just £184.

Even if you’ve already installed a PV system you need not worry that you’ve missed out as Infranomic heating can be fully integrated to existing PV systems to allow you to take advantage of the most efficient micro generation and heat distribution combination available.

PV and Infranomic together offers true peace of mind against rising electricity prices – with the added benefit of knowing you are helping the environment.

Mcs LogoDirect Savings and SolarWorld are accredited by the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS).

The Solax Power Panels not only generate energy in a more efficient way than any other products on the market but also come with a complete peace-of-mind 12 year manufactures warranty as standard.

Stunning designs

Infrared is good for you … fact!

Far-infrared is acknowledged as a natural form of heating that is actually beneficial to humans – our bodies are designed to absorb infrared energy. Far infrared rays increase the circulation of nutrient rich, oxygenated blood. That helps improves your metabolism, one of the most important keys to a long healthy life. Improved circulation will also help remove waste materials and lift your energy levels.

Quality & Service Guaranteed

The heating panels are hand-made to demanding German technology standards by Infranomic and are exclusive to Direct Savings. Infranomic is owned by Wolff+Meier, one of Germany’s largest independent commercial glass processors, with a pedgigree stretching back more than 40 years. The units are hand built with components of the highest standard ensuring the Infranomic brand is known for Quality and Reliability.

Easy to install … no maintenance or servicing required

Nobody wants to be disrupted by a messy installation. Infranomic heating can be installed quickly and easily in any property with an electricity supply. The heating panels require no annual maintenance or servicing, which brings additional savings. Once they’re installed all that’s needed is a standard polish and dust.

Effective heating for reduced bills.

Infranomic systems work by heating all materials in a room, effectively turning the space into one large heating element, providing reassuringly even levels of warmth and comfort. By ensuring heat spreads evenly throughout a room, our energy-efficient systems reduce the length of time heaters are on, significantly cutting energy consumption. Not only is this a major consideration as the UK’s heating bills continue to rise, it also reduces greenhouse gases.

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