Solar PV Panels

Working as a part of Direct Savings Group , offering excellent PV Solar installation in very affordable cost.

Why Solar PV makes such financial sense

Solar Pv Sample Earnings

Costs of solar PV systems have fallen significantly, making it an even more attractive way to save on your energy bills and to earn money from your energy.

And combined with our Infranomic Infrared electric heating, solar PV panels provide the complete solution to your energy efficiency needs. Infranomic heating compliments any PV system by using the electricity generated to heat your space efficiently and offers a far faster and higher return on your investment.

Average annual running costs of a three-bedroom house with a typical 2kW PV system combined with Infranomic are just £593 – but combined with our standard 4kW system, the costs are slashed to just £184.

Direct Savings have also teamed up with Phono Solar to offer solar panels that generate energy in a more efficient way than any other products on the market.

As official Government Green Deal Approved Assessors and Approved Green Deal Installers, Direct Savings is able to advise on the various options available to finance your solar PV system.

We can also provide all the expert help you need to complete your application to the Feed-In Tariff.

Feed-in-Tariffs (FITs) aim to encourage households to use renewable electricity-generating technologies.

You will be paid for the electricity that you generate, even if you are using some of it yourself, and for the surplus energy you supply to the National Grid.

Your system is eligible for the Feed-In Tariff scheme and could generate savings and income of around £770 a year (based on a 4kWp solar PV system eligible for a generation tariff of 12.47p/kWh).

To learn more about how solar PV can benefit your home, book an appointment and design survey by clicking the following link: GET IN TOUCH

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