Total reinstatement of 3 bedroom flat in Edinburgh

Just to remind that Edinhome is not only a EWI/Roughcasting company.
We started in 2004 with building and maintenance services, and still do some renovation projects from time to time 🙂

Here you are our newest total refurbishment work at 3 bedroom flat in Edinburgh.

What we understand as ‘Total Refurbishment’?
All as below:

1. Stripping out everything to the brickwork
2. New electrical, lights, internet and tv wires, gas, plumbing and central heating
3. Proper damp proof and floor insulation (liquid foil, dpm, 25mm insulation, 6mm multifoil insulation used as a underlay prior to laminated floors)
4. Sound/warm insulation (90mm rockwool + 12.5mm soundblock plasterboards) to neighbouring walls and ceilings
5. Modern, imported from our partners in Poland, breathable and anti-condensation, internally installed 50mm insulation system to all external walls of flat: RENOVARIO SYSTEM by ECOVARIO.PL (if you wish to know more about this revolutionary system – do not hesitate to contact us)
6. Special, breathable Dry-Wall Base Plaster and/or skim plaster with fibreglass mesh embedded (to prevent the cracks)
7. Modern, also imported from Poland, doors and adjustable (!) door frames and linings
8. Completely waterproof, insulated and panneled Bathroom / quasi wet-room
9. Modern Kitchen, partially panneled, partialy painted with plenty, really plenty of base, wall and bridge units to accommodate simply everything, what necessary and more. Properly insulated and ventilated of course.
10. Great for value, thick (12mm, AC5) laminated floor across the flat (without thresholds between the rooms!)
11. etc, etc. Simply: Old, ‘council’ flat has been completely transformed into new, modern, energy efficient and nice looking apartment.

Just have a look:

All stages, room after room in slide shows:


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Flat Refurbishment

Our another project: 3 Bedroom Flat Refurbishment prior to moving.
Main tasks:
-Alterations to Main Bedroom (existing en-suite to be removed)
-Complete refurbishment to Main Bedroom
–Remove all walls/ceiling/floor coverings
–Skim coat plaster with fibre mesh bedded into it
–Painting & Decorating (including for coving, skirting and other woodwoork)
-Solid wood floor (oiled oak) to Hall (including all cupboards), Living Room and Dining Area
-Vinyl floor (high quality vinyl) to Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower Room and Boiler’s Cupboard

Let’s play 🙂

Tranent continues

Extension completed.
All in time and to complete satisfaction of Client!

General construction details:
Floor: Insulated Concrete Slabs
Inner Leaf: Insulated Timber Frame with plasterboards and skim coat plaster finish
Outer Leaf: Blockwork with roughcast finish
Roof: Insulated Pitched Construction with concrete tiles
Electrical, Plumbing & Heating works included
All materials, windows & doors supplied






Extension Project in Tranent

Hello Everyone.
Just to remind: EWI is only a small piece of the range of services that EdinHome is providing since 2005.
So do not be affraid to ask us for free, no obligated quote for ANY of your building and maintenance needs. We are providing all trades for all building works, from foundation to roof, from floor to ceiling!
Our newest project: Extension to the rear of house just started!

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