If your energy bills are rising, it makes more sense than ever to insulate your home.
The best, proven and most efficient way to do so is to install the External Wall Insulation System.
External Wall Insulation (EWI) is applied to the external surface of a wall and is covered by a weatherproof layer, usually render. External Wall Insulation does not affect room size of a house, unlike Internal Wall Insulation, but it does alter the exterior appearance of the house. EWI provides the best insulation of all of the internal and external wall insulation options.



Insulation means you’ll need less heating to feel the warmth – and when you use heating, more of the warmth is kept in. Without insulation, you could be wasting money – much of the heat you use is likely to escape through the roof and walls.
It is clear that a well insulated building will consume less energy and save on heating costs – after all heating accounts for at least 75% of the energy use of the average household.
External wall insulation offers by far the simplest and most reliable solution for improved insulation performance. By wrapping the building in an insulating blanket, heat loss is dramatically reduced and the living environment is significantly improved. This proven thermal upgrade solution is tried and trusted for many decades on building projects around the world. It is ideal for old and new buildings, individual houses, apartments and non-residential buildings.

Benefits of external insulation:
-Cuts heating costs
-Improves internal living comfort
-Provides additional sound proofing
-Transforms the building’s appearance
-Reduces CO2 and protects the environment
-Improves property Values
-Installation time: up to 10 days only!

Insulating solid walls isn’t cheap, but it will make a substantial difference to your heating bills.

Solid wall insulation costs from £6,5k to £13k depending on your house and its size but there is a list of grants and funds available to apply for.*
*Please refer to HomeEnergyScotland or EnergySavingTrust to confirm current government’s offers available.


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