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Why should you choose our External Wall Insulation in Edinburgh & Glasgow

Whether it’s wall insulation at your Edinburgh or Glasgow home, or an external wall wall insulation that you need done quickly, EdinHome is here to get things done. For comfort, safetly, and home energy efficiency, the right solid wall insulation systems are critical, and we can help you get a bespoke solution, regardless of your house insulation needs.

Our years of professional experience coupled with our guarantee of quality results makes us one of the trusted insulation companies in Edinburgh.

Our experienced teams offer expertise on projects large and small, from external wall insulation to attic insulation, solid wall insulation or full external insulation installations, we deliver. Thanks to the industry leading skills, our insulation contractors in Edinburgh and Glasgow work quickly and cost-effectively, keeping customer satisfaction as their focus.

As one of the most trusted insulation companies in Edinburgh & Glasgow, let us help with all your insulation services, giving you peace of mind.

When it comes to external wall insulation in Glasgow and Edinburgh, EdinHome is a name you can trust, and a company you can rely on.

There are many reasons why people choose us for external wall insulation, and our insulation services continue to help our reputation to grow. With so many companies in our region, we are proud to offer external wall insulation in Glasgow and Edinburgh that sets industry standards.

Our insulation contractors in Edinburgh and Glasgow work closely with clients to ensure that each project runs smoothly, and that all solid wall insulation work is completed with safety and structural integrity in mind.

When deciding which of the solid wall insulation companies in Edinburgh and Glasgow to deliver your project, our external wall insulation portfolio will show you why so many choose us.

Insulation installation is a critical part of any building process, and our insulation contractors always work to the highest safety standards, giving both peace of mind to clients, and our company guarantee.

From start to finish, our external wall insulation work in Edinburgh and Glasgow is designed to both look good, and remain sturdy, with no compromise at any part of the project, that’s the EdinHome promise.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Solid Wall Insulation for your Home


When it comes to external wall insulation for your Glasgow home, there are many advantages. Our insulation systems and solid wall insulation installation services in Glasgow and Edinburgh offer energy and acoustic advantages that keep the heat in and the cold out. 

As our insulation contractors explain to customers, these advantages not only deliver a comfortable home environment, they save money for homeowners on their energy bills, as well as reducing the outside noise that can be heard inside your home. 

Whether a solid wall insulation or any of our other external wall insulation services in Edinburgh, fire resistance is also an advantage, especially when high quality materials are used during construction. 

In terms of property value, top quality wall insulation in Edinburgh and Glasgow homes can add value to your sale price, making it a sound investment as well as an energy saver. With so many advantages, wall insulation and insulation installation makes good sense. 


Though there are many advantages to solid wall insulation and insulation installation in Edinburgh homes, there are a few disadvantages that need to be considered by homeowners. One of the recurring issues with insulation systems in Glasgow homes is the risk of moisture which can infiltrate the materials, a clear potential disadvantage. 

Another consideration our external wall insulation contractors in Edinburgh know about is the issue of unfiltered air pockets, potentially causing cold spots on inside walls, attracting condensation, another disadvantage wall insulation and solid wall insulation Glasgow properties. 

As one of the most trusted solid wall insulation companies in Edinburgh and Glasgow, we also discuss another disadvantage of wall insulation with customers, which is wall tie corrosion. This is where wall insulation cavities can make the outer brick leaf colder, or wetter, which can contribute to rusting wall ties. 

Types of External Wall Insulation in Edinburgh and Glasgow

When it comes to any kind of external wall insulation work in Edinburgh, we always believe that education on the subject can help customers make informed decisions. Knowing different types of solid wall insulation systems can help you decide which is best for your property, and which insulation contractors in Edinburgh you may want to hire. 

Our experts in external wall insulation help Edinburgh customers by  determining where they want or need to install/add insulation and the recommended U-values for areas you want to insulate.

EPS Board or Rigid Foam
Whatever the solid wall insulation project in Glasgow may be, there’s a decision to be made about foam board or rigid foam. Foam boards — rigid panels of insulation — can be used to insulate almost any part of your home, from the roof down to the foundation, something our insulation contractors in Glasgow always explain to clients. They are very effective in exterior wall sheathing.

Additionally, this kind of approach to solid wall insulation in Glasgow helps provide good thermal resistance which can be up to 2 times greater than most other insulating materials of the same thickness,  helping to reduce heat conduction through structural elements such as  wood and steel studs. 

When it comes to external wall insulation projects in Glasgow, the most common types of materials used in making foam board include polystyrene, polyisocyanurate (polyiso), and polyurethane.

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