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EDINHOME Professional Roughcasting, Wall Insulation & House Rendering Company Glasgow & Surrounding Areas.

Since our inception in 2005, EdinHome has been offering high quality roughcasting in Glasgow, and delivering the results our customers desires. Thanks to our carefully selected teams of experienced builders, we guarantee quality customer service and top class house rendering all over Glasgow.

With industry standards setting, and cost-effective pricing, whether it’s rendering a wall at your Glasgow home or an external render job, we offer a free, no obligation quote. Our team is experienced in high-quality finishes, such as thin coat rendering. We also provide services including roughcasting, rendering, or external wall insulation systems., and our portfolio of work across Glasgow is both growing, and a testament to our standards.

Over our many years of trading, we have focused on superior external wall finishes, starting from modernized roughcasting in Glasgow, rendering, and insulation systems. Additionally, our experts offer experience in many areas of roughcasting in Glasgow, from large-scale development projects to conversion and extension projects.

Taking pride in our work, and consulting closely with all our clients, whatever your needs may be, we can provide the best to get the job done right, making us a roughcasting company in Glasgow that you can trust.

As well as the quality of our work, we set industry standards in terms of safety, ensuring that we offer a range of guarantees on all our renovation work, external rendering jobs, and each and every roughcasting project that we undertake in Glasgow. Offering personal and swift customer service, we have nurtured our word of mouth reputation, something that is both earned and trusted in our city. Our work speaks for itself. You can rely on our team to deliver the results you need, whether it’s a external rendering job in Glasgow, or traditional roughcasting that needs to get done. EdinHome never compromise on results.

We offer a range of guarantees on all our renovation work, external rendering jobs, and each and every roughcasting project that we undertake in Glasgow

Check what we offer for you! Roughcasting, House Rendering, Wall insulation in Glasgow & Surrounding Areas!

Roughcasting Glasgow

Do you need some professionally done, reliable and industry standard setting roughcasting in your Glasgow property? If the answer is ‘yes’, then here at EdinHome we can help. Using only our personally trained experts, we are proud to offer a roughcast finish that will exceed your expectations.

House Rendering Glasgow

Whether you need professionals you can trust to do a full house rendering project in Glasgow, or experts at rendering a wall at your Glasgow home, EdinHome is the company you need. Our years of trusted work, and our EdinHome reputation gives customers peace of mind for their external render work, and takes the stress out of it all.

Solid Wall Insulation Glasgow

Over the years, our customers have looked to EdinHome for everything from external wall insulation work across Glasgow to solid wall insulation in some of Glasgow’s grander buildings. From large scale to small bespoke projects, and regardless of the required finish of external wall insulation, we work with our customers to deliver the results they expect, with a minimum area requirement of 50m2.

Why House Rendering Glasgow is a good idea
for Renewal Work on Your Home?

When it comes to house rendering work in Glasgow, it’s done for a multitude of reasons. Whether rendering a wall or having some external render work done on Glasgow properties, homeowners make their building decisions based on the needs of their house both structurally and aesthetically.

Quality house rendering on Glasgow properties can deliver genuinely transformative styles, which is great for those who wish to upgrade their look, and for those who want to spruce things up before selling the property.

In some cases, house rendering on a Glasgow property is something owners do to upgrade the efficiency and insulation options for their home. Especially good for olders homes, but also valuable for newer ones, house rendering can revolutionise the efficiency and insulation of your property, saving money on heating costs, as well as adding value to the sale price.

From house rendering on historic Glasgow homes to deciding on an energy and cost-efficient upgrade with an external render, we can explain your options and look at why house rendering can be such a great idea.


Look what should you know about our Roughcasting & House Rendering Services

Roughcasting Glasgow

Since we started our business in 2005, EdinHome is the leader in the way of  roughcasting in Glasgow. Our tried and tested methods, and years of industry experience across many different  works has cemented our roughcaster reputation in Glasgow and beyond. Our project portfolio includes everything from dry dash render work in Glasgow properties, to large scale development work and more. We are also known for our superior conversion and extension expertise.

As well as this experience and project success, we continue to extend our focus to external wall finishes, including dry rash render work across Glasgow, and pebble dash repairs to modern roughcasting. Combining years of industry experience with innovative and cost-effective methods has allowed us to become roughcasting experts in Glasgow, with a reputation to deliver whatever the customers want.

Our professional pride is visible in each and every piece of roughcasting work we do in Glasgow, and our roughcasting repair is also known to be both cost effective and high end. Your project matters to us and customer satisfaction is something we never fail to focus on. Choosing the right roughcasting company in Glasgow is easy when you know about us, so let’s get roughcasting.

House Rendering Glasgow

When it comes to rendering in Glasgow, we make properties look how our customers want. From the best texture and appearance, to the right style overall, working with our customers is always a critical part of our process. With years of experience in house rendering in Glasgow, our experienced professional rendering techniques, from rendering external walls on Glasgow homes to house rendering on properties of all sizes, give you the same results as roughcasting., guaranteeing that perfect look that seamlessly matches your preferred texture.

Our portfolio showcases our skill in breaking old plaster into bricks, cleaning walls with fungicidal liquids, and creating multiple layers as part of our external render process in all our Glasgow projects.

Regardless of the style or finish you request, our house rendering services will deliver the quality of layering work, with the smooth aesthetic finish specified, making us your go-to company for home exterior rendering in Glasgow. To us, it’s all about the guarantee of quality: whatever insulated render system you choose for your Glasgow property, just leave it to our house rendering contractors, they’ll work with you and for you, delivering the finish you want, when you want it.

Our Latest Projects

What makes our Roughcast Render Glasgow Company unique!
High Quality Dry Dash Render Glasgow, House Rendering Glasgow & more!


Since we opened our doors in 2005, roughcasting in Glasgow has become our mission, ensuring industry leading roughcasting standards, quality maintenance and external finishes.
Thanks to so many successful roughcast render projects in Glasgow, our professional services have become both trusted and relied upon.

Building a solid reputation is important in the world of roughcasting, and our growing list of Glasgow customers have helped us do that. Whatever your project may be, from rendering a wall in your Glasgow home, to single house refreshing, or even larger commercial EWI or Render Only contract projects, working with us will get you guarantees and peace of mind.

From multistory block rendering to various projects in Glasgow’s historic properties, our expertise will deliver the results our customers have come to expect.

Choosing a roughcasting company in Glasgow is a big choice, both financially and professionally,  but our reputation is something you can trust, taking the worry away from that decision. When it comes to roughcasting in Glasgow, we believe in doing things the right way, every time, and consider our maximum satisfaction is our minimum requirement. That’s the EdinHome way, and that’s why people trust us.

Why choose Roughcasting Glasgow for your home?

Roughcasting Rather Than Pebble Dash

Roughcasting and roughcast render work on Glasgow homes is something we know about, and we like our customers to know too. In some ways similar to pebble dash work, any roughcaster in Glasgow will explain that this method blends chippings and mortar, creating a smoother look.

Style and Location Roughcasting Choice

When you decide to go for a roughcast render on your Glasgow property, it is dependent on many things. Style is a traditional driver for such decisions, with options such as dry dash render for older Glasgow properties, versus pebble dash work on a renovation project. Coupled with the location, the style of roughcasting in Glasgow is something homeowners should carefully consider.

Smooth or Rough Finnish

For each and every roughcast render project we do in Glasgow, it often boils down to whether our customer prefers a smooth finish of a roughcast render, or an alternative look. As experts in our industry, we pride ourselves on working closely with each customer to ensure that the house rendering on their Glasgow home delivers the style and finish they want, every time.

Roughcast Needs in Glasgow

At EdinHome, we use our years of experience to ensure great results on all our roughcast render work in and around Glasgow. For every homeowner, their project is unique, and the roughcasting results are guided by what they want and need. Working with us for your roughcasting work in Glasgow guarantees you will get a highly experienced and qualified roughcaster who you can trust to add real style and value to your home, and add strength to the structure too.

Let’s build your dream Home
together with EDINHOME!

Advantages of using Rendering and Roughcasting in Glasgow

When you decide to do an external render in Glasgow, getting that done efficiently, and a price you can appreciate can make or break your project.

EdinHome has years of experience in setting industry standards when it comes to roughcast render work in Glasgow, giving customers all the advantages that quality rendering delivers. Each and every roughcaster in Glasgow that represents our company is driven to deliver great results.

Offering a varied and wide range of roughcasting services in and around Glasgow, we guarantee that all our roughcasting will meet with your approval. From rendering a wall in a Glasgow terrace, to full house rendering in one of Glasgow’s larger houses, our work guarantees a high degree of water repellency, so there’s nothing for you to worry about. That peace of mind comes with all our roughcaster work in Glasgow, without exception.

At EdinHome, we only ever use quality materials and reliable, safe estabilishment methods, helping our roughcasting reputation grow with each project. Our expert professionals always deliver highly efficient work, which maximises results and shows how roughcasting in Glasgow should be done, every time.

When we do a roughcast render project in Glasgow, our drier, more resistant algae finish ensures that our work is built to last, and done to a standard that impresses. As soon as our roughcaster gets to your Glasgow property, whether rendering a wall or doing an external render, they will be focussed on your vision, and working toward your specifications.

In terms of structural integrity, our workmanship is second to none, as is the quality of our finishing. When you see our roughcasting around Glasgow, it showcases how we deliver the best, while always communicating each stage of the process with our clients. For all your roughcast project work in Glasgow, contact us today.

Difference between Pebble Dash, Dry Dash, Roughcast in Glasgow, Wet Dash and Render Finish

Roughcast render, a method of covering exposed exterior walls with a rough material composed of sand and lime that dries hard and provides protection from moisture, remains one of the most popular choices for application on buildings around the UK. The other two most common are wet dash and smooth or textured render finish.

When we do pebble dash work in Glasgow—which we always do on freshly plastered walls—we use clean materials to give the surface a smooth finish, and we put them on in layers. This method guarantees that the hue of the material can be clearly visible. We also do wet dashing, which means that these materials are mixed with mortar before being carefully thrown onto the surface. This results in all the aforementioned materials being coated in mortar. We then limewash over them, creating a slightly softer texture than our dry dash render work across Glasgow.

Finally, we look at render, the term used to describe the smooth, flat surface on the exterior of a building. Render is typically applied in several coats and made durable by the addition of minerals like sand, clay, or lime. It is not smooth on the surface but textured (the texture can vary depending on the thickness of the material).


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