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Incorporated in Edinburgh in 2005, EdinHome offers exactly what customers look for: fully trained experts, with guaranteed results, at a cost-effective, competitive price. From a free, non-obligated quote to a high-quality finish on new build, refurbishment or external wall insulation, we work across Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

We have been working on external wall finishes for many years, from small pebble dash repairs to Edinburgh to modern roughcasting, rendering, and solid wall insulation systems. But we still have a great experience in all kinds of building works, from small renovation jobs to large scale development, conversion and extension projects. Whatever you need, our tradesmen deliver.

We at EdinHome are committed to providing Edinburgh and nearby areas with the best renovation, external rendering, and roughcasting services possible. Our focus on safety and standards ensures that we can always offer you the highest quality workmanship.

Our personal customer service, along with our word of mouth reputation, means all our works give peace of mind. We provide a wide range of services, including external rendering and renovation projects in Edinburgh or surrounding areas where a traditional roughcasting job needs to be done, our friendly team is to your service.

As demand for our roughcasting services in Edinburgh and suburbs grows, we pride ourselves in never compromising standards people have come to expect. With years of experience in everything from dry dash, textured or smooth render to external wall insulation & insulated render system projects, every customer gets our best, and every client is satisfied. When it comes to quality roughcasting in Edinburgh or Glasgow, look no further, we’ll build your confidence as well as your property. Our roughcasting reputation is what we’ve been built on.

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Roughcasting Edinburgh

Looking to get some high quality, fully warranty covered, and professional roughcasting in Edinburgh or Glasgow? Look no further. EdinHome has a reputation that you can trust. Our personally trained workers will deliver a roughcast finish you’ll love. When it comes to finding a roughcaster in Edinburgh, Glasgow or surrounding areas, we’re the company to trust.

Rendering Edinburgh

Whether it’s a large scale, commercial render contract or just rendering a single, domestic house or garage in Edinburgh or Glasgow we are the company people have come to trust. EdinHome provides professionals that have a proven track record, with external render experience that has made us who we are today. Rendering at its best, that’s EdinHome.

External Wall Insulation

Our external wall insulation work across Edinburgh and Glasgow has secured our reputation as a company that delivers quality. Whatever the scale of your project or type of finish of external wall insulation, we’ll deliver the results you want, at a price you’ll be happy with. That’s the EdinHome solid wall insulation guarantee.

Why House Rendering in Edinburgh and Glasgow is a good idea
for Renewal Work on Your Home?

There are many reasons why people chose to do house rendering projects on their Edinburgh or Glasgow homes. From rendering a wall to getting an insulated render system in their Edinburgh or Glasgow property, homeowners know there are many good reasons why to get rendering done when renewing or refreshing their property. 

House rendering in Edinburgh or Glasgow properties can offer aesthetic improvements, which are always a good idea for both residents as well as those looking for make their house more saleable. Doing a high quality external render in Edinburgh, Glasgow or surrounding areas can add style and value to your home, and add a real improvement. 

For some homeowners, house rendering in their Edinburgh or Glasgow property is a good idea for improving their energy efficiency and external wall insulation. Even in more modern homes, adding an insulated render can transform the heat insulation of the home, and add long term value for both sale and energy costs and value. 

Whether rendering a wall at your Edinburgh or nearby area townhouse, or having a money and energy saving insulated render system done in your Edinburgh terrace, we can walk you through the advantages, and explain why choosing house rendering is such a great idea.


Reasons Why You Should Hire Someone
To Roughcast Your Exterior Walls In Edinburgh, Glasgow And Surroundings

Whether you’ve just bought a new property or are in a home you have lived in for many years, getting roughcasting for your Edinburgh property can totally transform your exterior, and is beneficial for many good reasons: 

Roughcasting can help offset and repair wear and  tear to walls due to neglect

– Roughcast render can remove black water stains from leaking gutters/rainwater

– Roughcasting is a way to repair damage to the property from harsh weather 

– Cracks or holes in brickwork can be remedied by a roughcast render job

Getting a roughcast to render on your home can help you cover up various kinds of damaged brickwork or water stains on outside walls, while simultaneously protecting them from future weather damage, as roughcasting fills in cracks with a durable weather-proof finish. 

At EdinHome, we use materials of the highest quality for all our roughcasting, sourced from the industry’s leading manufacturers and professionally installed by our dedicated and experienced team of expert roughcasters. 

EDINHOME - Roughcasting, House Rendering Company
Look what should you know about our Roughcasting & House
Rendering Services

Roughcasting Edinburgh & Glasgow

With a reputation forged since 2005, EdinHome is a leader in building trade across Edinburgh and surrounding areas. We have experience in all kind of building works, from small renovations to complete development, conversion and extension projects but from years we are focusing strictly on external wall finishes, from small peeble dash repairs to modern roughcasting Edinburgh, rendering Edinburgh and solid wall insulation systems, whatever you need, our tradesmen deliver.

We know how important people’s homes are, and how they look is critical. Our roughcast render work is provided to give you the look you want, and the peace of mind that our safety and quality standards ensure. From large scale roughcasting projects to pebble dash repair, we use only the best materials and the most experienced tradesmen.

We take pride in our roughcasting work in Edinburgh, Glasgow or nearby areas offer roughcasting repair as well as start to finish services. Your project is our project, and your satisfaction is what we always want. Simple and cost effective overcoating service (new, modern render/roughcast over the existing one) is also something we offer. Picking the right roughcasting company Edinburgh placed, or nearby areas may not seem easy, but we’re here to take the worry out of your work.


Rendering Edinburgh & Glasgow Or Surrounding Areas

House rendering in Edinburgh and nearby areas is a critical part of how properties look. Visual effects vary, and when customers look to house rendering, texture and appearance are critical to their project.

Using our finely honed professional rendering techniques, rendering external walls on Edinburgh properties can deliver identical results as roughcasting, while ensuring that the look blurs smoothly with the desired texture, whatever that may be for our customers.

In our Edinburgh & Glasgow projects, we break down old render into bricks, clean the walls with fungicidal liquids and then add multiple layers of external render are all part of the process.

Our house rendering specialists in Edinburgh and suburbs produce high-quality work that ensures the aesthetic finish specified by each customer. Whatever insulated render system you are looking for in your Edinburgh or Glasgow home, our experienced house rendering contractors will deliver the finish you want, and the quality you deserve.

Our Latest Projects

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Since our inception in 2005, top-class building, maintenance and external finishes has become our mission, and our services have become trusted and sought after.  Word of mouth matters in our business, and high quality roughcasting is how we’ve done that.

Whether it’s a single house refreshing, or large commercial EWI or Render Only contract, when you work with us, you can expect nothing but the best. From small repair of cracked roughcast finish to multistorey block rendering, and everything between.

We know choosing a roughcasting company in Edinburgh or Glasgow is a big choice, but our reputation let’s you select us with confidence. When it comes to roughcasting in Edinburgh and nearby areas, our mission statement is simple: our maximum satisfaction is our minimum requirement.  That’s the EdinHome way. Every single time.

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Advantages of using Rendering and Roughcasting in Edinburgh, Glasgow and surrounding areas

When it comes to applying an external render, getting your project done quickly and efficiently is what we deliver. At EdinHome, we believe that all roughcast render work in Edinburgh or Glasgow should be done to the highest industry standards, and any roughcaster in Edinburgh  and nearby areas that works for us is guaranteed to share that mission. 

Our wide range of roughcasting services in Edinburgh or Glasgow are guaranteed to provide an integral part of your external render work. Offering a high degree of water repellency, house rendering in Edinburgh and suburbs is something we not only do well, it’s something we guarantee. 

Using quality materials and trusted methods, our roughcasting work around Edinburgh and nearby areas continues to grow our reputation. Our expert tradesmen take house rendering in Edinburgh and surrounding areas to the next level, with high levels of efficiency, and innovative techniques which are designed to maximise time and results, at a cost customers appreciate. 

Thanks to our drier, and more resistant to algae finish, the roughcasting work we do is built to last, and trusted in quality. Our on-site teams, whether rendering in a wall for an older Edinburgh building, or constructing an external wall render, are focused on finishing with results, our customers expect that we deliver, without exception.

When rendering a wall, it’s all about the integrity of the structure, the quality of the workmanship, and the precision of the finishing. Our roughcast professionals across Edinburgh make every project their focus, and keep customers in the loop at every stage. 

From large scale house rendering in Edinburgh, to small scale roughcast projects in the city, our portfolio of projects showcases our quality, and let’s customer’s know the EdinHome guarantee that results are always top class. Whatever your roughcasting needs in Edinburgh, no project is too big or small, so contact EdinHome today, let’s get your project started.

Difference between Roughcast Edinburgh & Rendering Edinburgh

There are various different types of finishes to external walls of buildings but the three most popular in UK are roughcast (also known as harling, peeble dashind or dry dashing), wet dash and smooth/textured render finish.

Pebbledash, dry dash, and roughcasting are all forms of render in which the top coat is textured with pebbles or stone fragments.

Our pebble dash work in Edinburgh uses clean material, which is thrown at a freshly rendered surface, then pressed in, so the colour of the material is visible. For Wet Dashing on Edinburgh or Glasgow properties, on the other hand, this material is mixed with mortar and then thrown at the surface, the material is coated with a layer of mortar. This produces a slightly softer texture and the surface is usually limewashed.

Render is the name given to smooth finish on the outside of a building. The purpose of render is to give the exterior a smooth finish, and protect the brickwork against the elements. Typically, render will be applied in several coats to make it more durable and resistant to cracks. While render may appear smooth to the touch, it actually has small bumps from the minerals that make up its composition: 1.5 to 6mm thick.

Roughcasting Edinburgh and Glasgow: Ideal for Commercial Applications

When it comes to roughcast render and roughcasting, both Glasgow and Edinburgh homeowners see it as an increasingly good option for their property. Looking back, we find that roughcasting and roughcast render work was actually intended more for commercial buildings rather than housing in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Owners of commercial buildings were often looking to create an exterior that made an impression, but without costing the earth, which is where roughcasting in Glasgow and Edinburgh came into its own. As well as keeping their structure looking smart for years, a good roughcast render would not show deterioration for a long time, making it cost effective too.

With returns on the investments made for beautifying a building, roughcasting had the advantage of protecting premises from the Scottish weather elements, making it great in terms of that investment.

With roughcasting in Glasgow and Edinburgh, both commercial and residential building owners can make their property look great, making roughcast render ideal for commercial applications in particular.

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For all our latest news, from roughcasting projects on Edinburgh’s various buildings, to house rendering work that continues to set industry standards, follow EdinHome for all the up to date information. From patching or crack repair job to full house rendering, EdinHome is always busy delivering rendering results for satisfied customers across Edinburgh and suburbs.