Revitalize Your Home: Unleash the Potential of Exterior Rendering

Your home is more than just a living space—it’s a canvas waiting to be transformed. Picture arriving home to a sleek, contemporary exterior that mirrors your taste and elevates your property’s allure. With exterior rendering, this vision can become a breathtaking reality.

Advantages of External Rendering

Elevated Aesthetics

Bid farewell to mundane brick or weathered roughcast. Rendering offers a refined, refreshed look that sets your property apart in the neighborhood.

Increased Property Value

A well-rendered exterior enhances curb appeal and can escalate your home's value, making it a savvy investment for homeowners seeking to maximize their property's potential.

Enhanced Durability

Rendering acts as a protective shield against harsh weather conditions, reducing maintenance requirements and extending the life of your walls.

Energy Efficiency

Certain rendering materials provide insulation benefits, regulating indoor temperatures and potentially reducing energy expenses.

When it comes to rendering your property, the options are abundant

Acrylic Render: Boasting a smooth finish and flexibility, resistant to cracking.

Cement Render: Renowned for durability and versatility, customizable for various aesthetics.

Polymer Render: Water-resistant and adaptable to diverse surfaces.

At Edinhome, we are masters of exterior rendering with years of expertise. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering impeccable results, ensuring your vision for your property comes to fruition.
We cover a wide array of rendering works, from traditional roughcasting/pebble dashing to contemporary, silicone-based thin-coat or scraped render.

Customer satisfaction is our paramount concern, and we always strive to provide our clients with the best possible experience when collaborating with Edinhome.

All our projects are backed by a minimum 3-year written guarantee, offering peace of mind post-completion of works at your property or business.
We offer complimentary inspections and assessments along with detailed, written quotations.

Serving Edinburgh and Glasgow area, we are your trusted partner for exterior rendering needs.