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With over 15 years of experience, EdinHome is the top choice for roughcasting services in Edinburgh and nearby areas. Our fully trained experts deliver guaranteed results at competitive prices. From pebble dash repairs to modern roughcasting and rendering, we excel in all types of external wall finishes. Whether it’s updates or large-scale projects, our skilled tradesmen have you covered.
At EdinHome, we prioritize safety and quality to provide the best rendering, and roughcasting services in Edinburgh. Our exceptional workmanship and personalized customer service ensure peace of mind. Whether you need traditional roughcasting or other external rendering projects, our friendly team is ready to assist you.

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Lowra McGonagleLowra McGonagle
21:05 05 Jun 23
Jan and his team have just completed a Baumit smooth render to our house. We are absolutely delighted with the finish and would highly recommend Edinhome if you are considering this kind of modification on your own home.The guys that worked on our project were reliable and always arrived when they said they would. They were quick and efficient and the standard of work is very high.Once they had finished the render they then swept and cleaned our entire back garden (we felt this was above and beyond because the majority of the mess was not even made by them, but by other tradesmen that had worked on our renovation)Thanks again Jan and team. We really appreciate your hard work.Lowra and Andrew
Gary HillhouseGary Hillhouse
13:29 05 May 23
Roughcasting & rendering serviceMy home is a 3 bed semi-detached house that was built in the mid 1960's. It is in the style of a Villa, low roof, Dorma windows and integral garage. The house exterior was original, comprising of Bara Shell Roughcast & red facing brick. Needless to say the house exterior was in dire need of an upgrade.In total I contacted three separate companies to compare quotes. Edinhome was the first to offer their services and carry out their survey. Jan, one of the company's director's, arrived to discuss my requirements and to give his advice. I wanted the existing roughcast re-done with stone dash and the red brick completely covered. After discussion, I asked for the quote to include coloured silicone render on the brickwork along with the stone dashing. Included in his survey was matching my window ledges with a colour match silicon paint. I asked Jan if he could reinforce the red brick prior to rendering as there were historic settlement cracks showing he told me as a matter of his company’s standard's that he would reinforce my entire building with fibreglass mesh and additionally double up around the windows to add strength to weaker points. He carried out his survey which took him about 45 mins. That evening I received a fully costed quote, which at first glance seemed quite a lot, and that it would take two weeks to complete.I entertained another two companies to provide their quotes, both of which were disappointing (and which received 4.8 and 4.9 stars with over 100 reviews each). The “surveyor’s” from both companies resembled young salesmen, telling me what they could offer, I had to ask them if they would reinforce the brickwork, to which they both said was not necessary, but could accommodate if I wished, which I did! Both “surveyors” where at my house for no more than 20 mins. Also said that job would be fully complete in 1 week. That evening I received a text message and an email from both companies, with a total cost but not a fully costed quote! Like Jan’s quote I was quite surprised at the cost.What did it for me was that Jan was thorough from start to finish when I met him, also I had never heard of any company fibreglass meshing an entire building as standard. I was sold. He came back to the house once I excepted his quote to choose the dashing and the colour of the render.Within three weeks, the scaffolding was up, materials delivered and 2 workmen on site. Like he said it took two weeks to complete. I got to know the workmen reasonably well, kept them fed and watered. They were both fantastic. Turned up on time every day and put a full shift in. They only stopped for lunch, 15-20 mins. They did not have a radio blasting, or have one for that matter or stop for numerous cigarette breaks. Fortunately I got to compare their workmanship, as one of my neighbours was also having their house re-roughcast, which in total took about 3 days. 1 base layer followed by stone dash and they paid not far off what I paid for mine. The point is, if you want to guarantee that your home’s exterior is strong and built to last and looks fantastic at the same time, look no further than Edinhome. Warning – Do Not be fooled by companies offering fixed pricing as these are estimated by square metering and only for one base coat with stone. The total layering put on my home was four including the fiberglass mesh.Finally I would like to add that throughout the entire process, Jan’s customer service was fantastic, he liaised with me and dealt with any minor concern’s I had, I even received a text from him one evening a 11.30pm to check that I was satisfied with the way things were going. That’s commitment!!
Carla BerraCarla Berra
10:34 13 Mar 23
Amazing company, highly recommend. We had our house and exterior boundary wall rendered and the job from start to finish is fantastic. Very efficient and professional company. So pleased with the outcome, Thanks again. 🙂
Oisin MurphyOisin Murphy
15:41 09 Feb 23
Delighted with the roughcasting Edinburgh team. Great group of guys who were reliable, punctual and helpful. Their house rendering skills are spot on. They got the job done quickly and left the place tidy.
Myron WilleyMyron Willey
18:09 07 Feb 23
The roughcasting work carried out on the house was done professionally and efficiently. The rough caster was excellent and the experience was entirely stress free. We recommend this company highly.!!

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Roughcasting Edinburgh

Looking to get some high quality, fully warranty covered, and professional roughcasting in Edinburgh or Glasgow? Look no further. EdinHome has a reputation that you can trust. Our personally trained workers will deliver a roughcast finish you’ll love. When it comes to finding a roughcaster in Edinburgh, Glasgow or surrounding areas, we’re the company to trust.

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External Wall Insulation

Our external wall insulation work across Edinburgh and Glasgow has secured our reputation as a company that delivers quality. Whatever the scale of your project or type of finish of external wall insulation, we’ll deliver the results you want, at a price you’ll be happy with. That’s the EdinHome solid wall insulation guarantee.

Why House Rendering in Edinburgh and Glasgow is a good idea for Renewal Work on Your Home?

EDINHOME - Roughcasting and House Rendering Services in Edinburgh and Nearby Areas

Discover the Best Roughcasting & House Rendering Services in Edinburgh

Since 2005, EdinHome has been a trusted name in the construction industry throughout Edinburgh and its surrounding areas. Our expertise spans a wide range of projects, including conversions, extensions, and more. However, from 2005, we have dedicated ourselves to specializing in exceptional external wall finishes. Whether you require minor pebble dash repairs or modern roughcasting and house rendering Edinburgh services, our skilled roughcast render Edinburgh experts are here to meet your needs.

Roughcasting Services in Edinburgh & Glasgow: EdinHome Leads the Way

At EdinHome, we take great pride in our roughcasting work in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and nearby areas. We offer comprehensive services, from roughcasting repair to start-to-finish projects. Your vision becomes our mission, and your satisfaction is always our ultimate goal. Additionally, we provide a simple and cost-effective overcoating service, allowing you to apply a new, modern external render or roughcast over your existing one. Choosing the right roughcast or render company Edinburgh based may seem like a daunting task, but with us, you can eliminate all worries.


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What makes our Roughcast Render Edinburgh & Nearby Areas Company unique!


Since our inception in 2005, top-class maintenance and external finishes has become our mission, and our services have become trusted and sought after.  Word of mouth matters in our business, and high quality roughcasting is how we’ve done that.

Whether it’s refreshing a single house or undertaking a large commercial EWI or Render Only contract, when you work with us, you can expect nothing but the best. From tackling cracked roughcast finish to multistorey block rendering, and everything in between.

We know choosing a roughcasting company in Edinburgh or Glasgow is a big choice, but our reputation let’s you select us with confidence. When it comes to roughcasting in Edinburgh and nearby areas, our mission statement is simple: our maximum satisfaction is our minimum requirement.  That’s the EdinHome way. Every single time.

Advantages of using Rendering and Roughcasting in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Surrounding Areas

When it comes to applying an external render, getting your project done quickly and efficiently is what we deliver. At EdinHome, we believe that all roughcast render work in Edinburgh or Glasgow should be done to the highest industry standards, and any roughcaster in Edinburgh  and nearby areas that works for us is guaranteed to share that mission.

Our wide range of roughcasting services in Edinburgh or Glasgow are guaranteed to provide an integral part of your external render work. Offering a high degree of water repellency, house rendering in Edinburgh and suburbs is something we not only do well, it’s something we guarantee.

Thanks to our drier, and more resistant to algae finish, the roughcasting work we do is built to last, and trusted in quality. Our on-site teams, whether rendering in a wall for an older Edinburgh building, or constructing an external wall render, are focused on finishing with results, our customers expect that we deliver, without exception.

When rendering a wall, it’s all about the integrity of the structure, the quality of the workmanship, and the precision of the finishing. Our roughcast professionals across Edinburgh make every project their focus, and keep customers in the loop at every stage.

Difference between Roughcast Edinburgh & Rendering Edinburgh

There are various different types of finishes to external walls of buildings but the three most popular in UK are roughcast (also known as harling, peeble dashind or dry dashing), wet dash and smooth/textured renders

Our pebble dash work in Edinburgh uses clean material, which is thrown at a freshly rendered surface, then pressed in, so the colour of the material is visible. For Wet Dashing on Edinburgh or Glasgow properties, on the other hand, this material is mixed with mortar and then thrown at the surface, the material is coated with a layer of mortar. This produces a slightly softer texture and the surface is usually limewashed.

Render is the name given to smooth finish on the outside of a building. The purpose of render is to give the exterior a smooth finish, and protect the brickwork against the elements. Typically, render will be applied in several coats to make it more durable and resistant to cracks. While render may appear smooth to the touch, it actually has small bumps from the minerals that make up its composition: 1.5 to 6mm thick.

Roughcasting Edinburgh and Glasgow: Ideal for Commercial Applications

When it comes to roughcast render and roughcasting, both Glasgow and Edinburgh homeowners see it as an increasingly good option for their property. Looking back, we find that roughcasting and roughcast render work was actually intended more for commercial buildings rather than housing in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Owners of commercial buildings were often looking to create an exterior that made an impression, but without costing the earth, which is where roughcasting in Glasgow and Edinburgh came into its own. As well as keeping their structure looking smart for years, a good roughcast render would not show deterioration for a long time, making it cost effective too.