Room In Roof Insulation

Would you be interested in to insulate your Room In Roof?

Thanks to ECO Grants, this can now be done totally FREE of cost to you, the customer!

Room In Roof Insulation grants are now being offered as part of the government’s new Energy Companies Obligation scheme. The grants cover the entire cost of having all loft rooms insulated to current building regulations using the latest insulation materials.

It is the first time that funding has been available.
The scheme is targeted at communities, not at people on benefits, so your personal circumstances do not matter.

The scheme will insulate between the rafters or  will involve battening and putting an insulated board on to the sloping walls and flat ceilings, plaster boarding and skimming. The final thickness will be between 75m and 150mm.

We have just completed our first Room In Roof insulation work. Have a look at the pictures below and call us on 01506 444  161 to arrange the free technical surveying and advice.



*Pictures have been taken during the works (do not show the final stage and will be updating soon)