Roughcasting. Uphall.

Quite a typical story:
1. Large, end-terraced house with the conservatory at the back
2. Old roughcast start to coming off from the walls
3. Owners, older, polite couple with not easy life (disabled husband) decided to spend their savings and renew the external leaf of their home
4. Few quotes.
5. Winner: golden-spoken guy who promises that he will do the work quickly, professionally, stress-free and £1k cheaper than the competition… [he forgot to inform the clients about the difference between single coat overcoating made with the cheapest materials on the market, and proper, 2 coats Roughcast system with reinforcement mesh – but this is a detail only…]
1. £3.5k paid upfront for “deposit”
2. “
professional job”: a totally messed up wall. Execution as if to employ 5-year-old children. One big mess on the wall and around the building
the disappearance of cheap gold-mouthed professionals (with “deposit” of course)
4. Scaffolding on the building from over a 7 weeks [Neighbours become the enemies…]
5. c
ry, gnash the teeth and seek help from the situation
2. our try to complete the work within the budget and ASAP.
3. to do so, we had to bring the proper, modern overcoating materials and do something, what we really avoid in our quotes and suggestions to our Clients: single coat roughcast, so called “overcoating”, without the proper, reinforced and strong base coat…
Anyway: all finished and the Owners are happy and can sleep well again.

Lesson: do not trust in the “golden speech” and “the cheapest quotes”. ALWAYS CHECK THE REFERENCES, websites and previous projects of the contractor!

You’re welcome! 🙂