EDINHOME Professional Roughcasting, Wall Insulation and House Rendering Company in Airdrie Our quality work will deliver the results you want for your home

Edinhome, an established roughcasting company in Airdrie, was Incorporated in 2005 and continues to deliver quality roughcast render work to more and more customers. We are staffed by a team of house rendering experts across Airdrie who offer experience and dedication, as well as guaranteed results at cost-effective, competitive prices. At EdinHome, all our roughcasting work comes with a free, no obligation quote, followed by a high-standard finish for all our roughcast render, dry dash render,  building, renovation and all other work we do. 

We have spent many years honing our roughcasting and external render work in Airdrie,  doing everything from small pebble dash repairs to modern roughcasting, rendering and insulation systems across Airdrie. We also have plenty of experience in small renovation jobs as well as large scale development, conversion and extension projects, with our roughcasting work available for all of those. 

At EdinHome, safety and high standards drive and shape all our roughcast work, making us a reliable name in the industry and trusted among clients. All our work, from roughcasting to pebble dash and all other work in Airdries, comes with superior customer service included, something that continues to help us grow our reputation with word of mouth recommendations.  From a renovation project needing an external render job to more traditional roughcasting that needs to get done, EdinHome will get the work done.

Across Airdrie, demand for pebble dash, external render work, and all kinds of roughcasting services continues to grow and we pride ourselves in setting standards our customers have  come to expect and deserve. From dry dash render to pebble dash, traditional roughastint to external render work, we have many years of experience that gives customers the peace of mind that all their work will be done well, on time, and within budget. 

When you need high quality roughcasting or pebble dash at your Airdrie property, contact EdinHome today, we will be there in no time, and get the work done just as you want it, causing minimum disruption but maximum results. 

What EdinHome Offers in Airdrie Roughcasting And Rendering Services

Roughcasting Airdrie

When you require high quality, fully warranty covered, and professional roughcasting anywhere in Airdrie, we are the company to call to deliver results you can trust. Our roughcasting reputation is built on the work of our fully trained team who are equipped to deliver a roughcast finish that is second to none. When it comes to finding a roughcasting expert in Airdrie, look no further.

Rendering Airdrie

From house rendering work on a large scale to commercial dry render work or even rendering a wall at a private home, EdinHome has the team to get the job done. We are on hand to provide professional house rendering experts across Airdrie, each with a wonderful professional track record working with external rendering, giving the guarantee that your external render work will be expertly done.

Insulation Airdrie

When it comes to external render work and wall insulation work across Airdrie, EdinHome has a growing reputation as a company that delivers quality, every time. Regardless of the size of your external render project or the type of wall insulation you need, our team will deliver the results you want, at a price you’ll appreciate, that is our promise.

Building & Renovation Airdrie

At EdinHome, we are able to do a wide range of building and renovation work, from roughcasting to dry dash render and pebble dash, and we continue to set industry standards for all our work. We use the finest quality materials available, delivering high-end finishes done by our experienced professionals. From working on a new bathroom to doing a kitchen refurbishment, or renovation work to transform your entire home, our bespoke solutions will deliver.

Commercial Roughcasting Applications Airdrie

An ever-popular choice, Roughcasting across Airdrie is a kind of roughcast render that homeowners love, even though this kind of roughcast render was originally intended for commercial buildings rather than housing and residential buildings.

When it came to large commercial buildings, many of the property owners wanted a statement-making exterior which gave them a low maintenance coverage, which is where the roughcast render jobs in Airdrie became the number one selection, designed as it is to keep commercial structures looking superb for many years, and all without showing any signs of wear and deterioration.

In terms of roughcasting or doing dry dash render in Airdrie, commercial building owners see it as an investment for the long term, as it protects buildings from the elements and is cost effective for many years after completion.