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Since we started in the industry in 2005, EdinHome has become a trusted name for roughcasting in Hamilton. Our highly experienced roughcast render contractors help us deliver great results, on each and every roughcasting project, and always at a price our customers appreciate.  For all roughcaster work in Hamilton, we first offer a no obligation quote, which reflects the high end roughcast render standards that we promise to deliver. 

Whether it’s a dry dash render on a large Hamilton home, or a large scale roughcast render on your Hamilton business property, we offer work that includes insulation systems, renovation work, and modern roughcasting to transform your property. Whatever roughcasting you may need in Hamilton, our workmen deliver. 

All our roughcasting work in Hamilton is guided by the highest safety standards in the industry, from dry dash work to full roughcast render projects, we treat each and every job the same, guaranteeing both safety and results that customers trust. 

We pride ourselves on unrivalled customer service, trusted in the roughcasting trade in Hamilton, which ensures that our reputation continues to grow.  From roughcaster  projects in Hamilton’s family neighbourhoods, to  dry dash render work in Hamilton’s central district, jour team of professionals are here to deliver, every time. 

As we know well, the demand for roughcasting in Hamilton is on the rise, and thanks to our reputation, our roughcasting work is trusted. Our industry experience and project portfolio of roughcasting, and dry dash render work all across Hamilton showcases our professional expertise. Each roughcaster on our Hamilton based team ensures that each customer is satisfied with the end results of their work, without fail. 

When it comes to quality roughcasting in work in Hamilton, EdinHome is the company to trust, as we continue to build our reputation. Whatever your rouchasting needs in Hamilton, call us today.

What EdinHome Offers in Hamilton

Roughcasting, House Rendering, insulated Render Systems and more, all across Hamilton & Surrounding Areas! 
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When it comes to top quality, professionally done and fully guaranteed house rendering work in Hamilton, we’re the roughcasting company to call. EdinHome has a trusted reputation for guaranteed roughcasting work in Hamilton, delivering top results done at a price our customers appreciate.


To us, every external render job and every insulated render project in Hamilton matters. From large projects for a full house rendering on Hamilton’s bigger properties, to smaller domestic external render work anywhere in Hamilton, we are committed to delivering results our customers expect and deserve. EdinHome guarantees that all house rendering work in Hamilton is done by contractors who come with a proven track record, with external render and house rendering experience that gives you peace of mind, every time.


EdinHome offers a wide range of insulated render system options to all our Hamilton customers. Our insulated render work across Hamilton continues to strengthen our industry reputation as a trusted, reliable company. Whatever insulated render or house rendering work you may need, EdinHome promises to deliver the results you want, at a price you’ll be appreciate. That’s our EdinHome insulation guarantee.

Building & Renovation

Put simply, EdinHome does house rendering and external render work across Hamilton that guarantees results. When it comes to building and renovation, we don’t follow industry standards, we set them. Using high end materials to create top quality finishes, our house rendering and renovation work in Hamilton is second to none, as are our house rendering professionals. From modern bathrooms to kitchen refurbishments, our building and renovation work in Hamilton will transform your home.

House Rendering in Hamilton: What it is a good idea for your Home

When homeowners decide to do house rendering projects on their Hamilton property, there are many reasons they make this decision. Whether the project is rendering or getting an insulated render system installed for their Hamilton home, homeowners are well aware of the numerous reasons why house rendering and external render work is good for their property.

One of the great things about doing a house rendering on your Hamilton home is the upgrade in terms of aesthetic improvements, which is advantageous for those who live in the area, as well as making the property more attractive in the competitive property sales market. As long as the house rendering and roughcasting is of a suitably high quality, an external render adds both style and value to your home.

Many homeowners are increasingly doing house rendering work on their Hamilton homes for the sake of improving their energy efficiency and home insulation. For many homes, old and even some relatively new ones, house rendering can add extra insulation that transforms the overall heat insulation of the home, meaning that an external render can save on energy costs in the long term.

We are here to talk you through all your external and house rendering options in Hamilton, whether you are rendering a wall at your Hamiltson terraced home, or having a money and energy saving insulated render system done, our experts are on hand to advise you about the best external render for your home.


Reasons Why You Should Hire Someone To Roughcast Your Exterior Walls

When it comes to roughcasting in Hamilton, it doesn’t matter if your home is relatively new or whether it is an older property you have lived in for many years, getting roughcasting for your property can totally transform the exterior, and is beneficial for many good reasons, including: 

– Roughcasting can help offset and repair wear and tear to walls due to long term neglect
– Roughcast render can remove water stains from leaking gutters/rainwater on your home
– Roughcasting is a great way to repair damage to the property from harsh winter weather 
– Cracks or holes in brickwork can be remedied by a roughcast render job

One of the main reasons people get roughcasting work on their Hamilton home is to help them cover up various kinds of damaged brickwork or water stains on exterior walls. At the same time, a good quality roughcast render can protect properties from future weather damage due to the fact that roughcasting fills in cracks with a durable weather-proof finish. 

We always use materials of the highest quality for all our roughcasting work in Hamilton, sourced from the industry’s leading manufacturers and professionally installed by our dedicated and experienced team of expert roughcasters around Hamilton.

Commercial Roughcasting Applications Hamilton

Roughcasting across Hamilton is increasingly popular with homeowners for homes, even though a roughcast render was originally intended for commercial buildings rather than housing.

When it came to commercial buildings, owners wanted a statement-making exterior with a low maintenance element, which is where a roughcast render job in Hamilton became the number one choice, keeping structures looking smart for many years without showing any signs of wear and tear.

In terms of a roughcast or dry dash render on Hamilton’s commercial buildings, it is an investment in as much as it protects your building from the elements and doesn’t cost you a fortune in the long term.