Thin Coat Render to domestic project in Edinburgh

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Our latest domestic project in Edinburgh.

Thin Coat Render System by BAUMIT

All as following:
1. Hammer Test
2. Hack-off and dubb-out
3. Basecoat with multicontact base render MC55
4. Reinforcement with fibreglass mesh embedded in MC55
5. PVC system fixings drilled and bonded to the substrate
6. PVC render only beads and trims
7. 2nd pass of MC55
8. Coloured, silicone based primer
9. Coloured, silicone Thin Coat Render SilikonTop
10. Mastic sealants to make the system waterproof

Chimney included (all as above plus extra care about reinforcement – we simply wrapped it with fibreglass mesh and properly sealed around)



Just check the photos and references!