Silicone Render System – Currie

Silicone Render System to modern villa in Currie.

System incorporated special, 8mm plastic membrane (mechanically fixed to the substrate) to sort out the dampness / water ingression problem.

-hammer test to find all the hollow/boss areas in existing wall covering
-removing all defective areas
-removing existing slate cladding
-dubbing out to bring the level up
-special, 8mm, mechanically tied, plastic membrane
-PVC beads and trims (1st fix)
-base coat adhesive render (modern, strong and specially enhanced/reinforced, breathable render)
-fibreglass mesh properly embedded in the base coat render
-extra mesh to all the corners of all the openings (stress patches)
-system fixings (if required only) (50mm, large, flat-heads, PVC fixings to mechanical tie the base coat and mesh to the substrate)
-PVC beads and trims (2nd fix)
-2nd pass of the base render
-smoothing the surface
-coloured or white, silicone-based, primer
-coloured or white, thin coat (1.5mm grains), silicone-based top-coat render
-low modulus, external quality mastic sealants (all around the system)
-30mm EPS insulation boads to window’s reveals
-silicone based, masonry paint to several walls (refreshing)

Feedbacks: Can’t recommend Jan and his team highly enough. Superb service from quote to completion. Excellent job done. Great company.“…”Thanks Jan. You and your team have been the best tradesmen we have workedwith. Your communication is excellent, replais promt and issues always sorted.”

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