INSULATION SYSTEM to Swedish Timber House – Fauldhouse

90mm EWI Special Cavity Ventilation System to SWEDISH TIMBER construction with

Building Warrant Completion Certificate arranged & provided.

System as following:
-removal of the timber tiles cladding at the top of the building
1. Installation of white PVC windows overcills
2. Installation of fire barriers:
-Cut to size and installation of 100mm mineral wool around all the openings and between neighbouring properties
-Mineral wool to be bonded to existing timber with special adhesive and additionaly fixed with stainless steel fixings and washers
3. Installation of full system beads:
-bellcast beads
-verge trims
-stop beads
4. Installation of Cavity Space Rails
5. Installation of insulation boards
-EPS boards fixed to the Cavity Space Rails
-at least 9 fixings per board
6. Application of base adhesive coat (approx 4-6mm)
7. Reinforcement:
-fibreglass mesh to be embedded in base adhesive coat
-fibreglass mesh to reveals
-additional stress patches to be installed in all the corners at all the openings
8. Installation of render only beads:
-angle/corner beads
-stop beads
-Application of 2nd pass of Smooth Base Adhesive Coat (if required only)
-Application of Thin Coat Render Primer (colour to be confirmed)
-Application of top coat of Thin Coat Render (colour to be confirmed)
-Texturing of the top coat
-Application of the low modulus silicone sealants / mastics

System by Wetherby. All as per specifications.