Bottom flat at the block of 4

A wee, quick job for an amazing couple of 2 young people in Edinburgh.

Subject: Roughcast System to the bottom flat in a block of 4

Works breakdown:
-hacking off existing roughcast (done by hard-working Tenant!)
-filling all the gaps around the windows frames and under the sills by expanding foam (there was nothing! Just the wind…)
-cracks repair and pvc beads installation
-base adhesive coat with reinforcing fibreglass mesh embedded
-system fixings installation
-dash receiver (white)
-dry dash finish (white chips)
-mastic sealant to protect the system against the weather

System by: K-Rend

Works which will be carried out by Tenant in the nearest days, and which will complete the works:
-black paint to the soil vent pipes
-grey/dark blue paint to the basecourse, windows sills and bands around the doors.
Flat will be definitely “beyond the neighbourhood” 😉

References: It has been a real pleasure for me to have a company like EDINHOME for Roughcasting. I was also very pleased with the timeliness of the construction. It was a pleasure to work with professionals and detailing that treated the project and jobsite as if it were their own property and building.” (original link)